Panasonic 103" Plasma Tradeshow Applications

Rent a seamless infinite plasma video wall from APG Displays for your next corporate function.

Are you looking for a way to m your trade show booth stand out? Rent the biggest plasma TV in the World from APG Displays.

The biggest plasma TV screen in the World is the 103 inch plasma TV screen from Panasonic. This ground-breaking gigantic television is now available from the APG Displays rental division for any kind of trade show event. It is the largest single panel of plasma screen available for rental in Canada, and you could have it on your trade show booth impressing potential customers for less than you think.

Put a 103 inch TV on your trade show booth to really stop traffic.

The sheer size of the gigantic one hundred and three inch plasma will stop people in their tracks as they walk by your booth, giving your sales representatives time to talk to them about your products and services. People will be able to see the screen in action from the other end of the convention center - its striking effect is proven at trade shows all over North America. The Panasonic 103" plasma TV screen offers stunning picture quality with full 1080p HD resolution and perfect image reproduction from a variety of sources including blu-ray discs and computer feeds. APG Displays plasma technology allows the World's biggest plasma TV screen to display crisp and pure images, even up close, such as in a trade show environment.

Use the 103 inch TV as an in-booth theatre screen for showing product videos or company commercials.

The 103 inch screen comes with a variety of different mounting solutions, including the media Screen Lifter which is exclusive to APG Displays in Canada. Use the screen lifter to rotate the huge plasma screen through 90 degrees and view the 103 inch Panasonic plasma in a portrait mode, and lift the screen over 118 inches in the air with the help of the screen lifter's electric lift, activated at the touch of a button.

The sheer size of the World's biggest 103 inch Plasma screen, available for trade show rental from Advanced Products Group, means that it will look even bigger when positioned on a booth at a trade show or expo. You can use the huge Panasonic plasma TV screen as an in-booth theatre screen and show big screen videos of product demos or specially designed trade show media to people visiting your booth.

Renting the World's biggest 103 inch plasma TV screen for your trade show booth is easier than you think.

Convention centers can be difficult places to install audio visual solutions, and timing is often tight with many companies rushing to install their audio video on their booth before the show begins. Although the 103 inch Panasonic TV screen is the World's biggest plasma screen, it is actually surprisingly easy to set up for a rental application, meaning that it is a perfect audio visual rental solution for a trade show. Easily wheel the 103 inch Panasonic plasma into position on the trade show floor and raise it using APG Displays dedicated screen lifter which comes supplied with each Panasonic 103 inch TV trade show rental. Nothing will make your tradeshow booth stand out more than the world's biggest 103-inch Panasonic plasma screen displaying your media in vibrant High Definition video. Rent one today from APG Displays.

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