Panasonic 103" Plasma Broadcast & Entertainment Applications

Do you have a special event coming up that requires a video solution that will turn heads? Rent the World's biggest 103 inch plasma screen from APG Displays.

Make an impact with a larger than life Plasma TV screen.

For events that need something special to differentiate themselves and cause buzz, consider renting the biggest Plasma screen in the World from APG Displays to really make an impact. This huge TV screen, made by Panasonic, measures one hundred and three inches diagonally, dwarfing other smaller plasma and LCD screens such as 60 inch plasma and 42 inch plasma options. This ground-breaking full high definition 1080p television is available for rental from the APG Displays rental desk and can be rented throughout Canada for special events, trade shows, parties, awards ceremonies and galas.

Rental set up of the Panasonic 103 inch TV is easy at your special event with the custom-designed Panasonic 103 road case.

One of the most surprising features of Panasonic's gigantic TV screen - the 103 inch plasma - is that it is actually very easy to rent out for short term rental arrangements. When you rent out the 103 inch Panasonic plasma TV screen, the huge TV comes in a specially designed road case with an attached specially built screen lifter inside. The screen lifter is a dedicated rental accessory for the Panasonic 103 inch TV and allows easy transportation and set up of the 103 inch screen. All you need to do is wheel the 103" plasma TV into position at your special event, take the sides off the specially-designed Panasonic TV road case and the screen lifter and 103 inch are ready to use.

The 103 inch plasma's specially designed Screen Lifter takes care of all the heavy lifting at your special event or party

After you have positioned the 103 inch Panasonic TV where you want it to be located and have removed its road case, the base of the Screen Lifter is then lowered to the ground by pressing a button on the Screen Lifter's base. Just one more touch of a button is needed to raise the 103 inch plasma over 3 meters off the ground on a special electric lift. Once you have raised up the World's biggest plasma screen as high as you want it to go, you can then choose which orientation you would like the 103 inch TV to be positioned in. As well as raising and lowering the 103" TV the Screen Lifter also lets you rotate the huge plasma screen through 90 degrees, which means that you can either view the 103 inch Panasonic plasma in a regular landscape mode, or in portrait mode for striking visuals with custom media video.

If you're looking for digital signage for your special event, give APG a call and we'll be pleased to find the right solution to fit your needs.

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