Panasonic 103" Plasma Broadcast & Entertainment Applications

Planning on interviewing larger than life celebrities at your broadcast or entertainment event? You need a larger than life TV screen!.

The Panasonic 103 inch television is the largest plasma screen in the World, and it is now available from APG Displays for rental for broadcast and entertainment events. This plasma screen is simply huge, allowing you to show off high definition video content on one hundred and three inches of incredible 1080p resolution plasma.

Multiple broadcast and entertainment event applications.

One of the best things about the 103 inch Panasonic plasma, aside from its sheer size and easiness to set up, is that it is so versatile. You can display any kind of high definition content you like on this huge TV screen, from a wide variety of sources including blu-ray disc, live video feed and PC and Mac computer hook ups. Use the World's biggest plasma screen as a backdrop in celebrity interviews or have it off to the side displaying music videos or other HD content.

The 103 inch TV looks great, even on camera!.

When you rent a 103 inch TV from APG Displays for your broadcast or entertainment event, you can be sure that this giant screen will look great. Even on camera, the crisp and pure 1080p resolution images will look incredible, with no fuzziness or graininess to speak of.

If you're looking for digital signage for your concert or event, give APG a call and we'll be pleased to find the right solution to fit your needs.

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